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Toni Roberts


Twenty-eight years of experience in California Government and Politics, serving in numerous capacities, has provided Toni Roberts with the knowledge, skill, and contacts that enable her to run a successful business as a fundraiser, event planner, relationship builder, and special projects consultant. The company's clientele is composed of significant California politicians as well as a diverse group of charitable organizations. Throughout the years Toni has worked with both Senate and Assembly leadership, including three Senate leaders and Assembly Speakers.

As a fundraiser, event planner and people connector, it is customary for Toni to manage and assist in numerous political campaigns, while simultaneously raising funds for charities in the fields of education, women's rights organizations, public safety, the arts, animal rights, and special community projects.

Devotion to her community and strong ties to the California Legislature motivate Toni to volunteer many hours each year to work on projects she believes are of great importance to growing a healthy community. Her skills, network of contacts, and perseverance, have helped numerous organizations.

The eldest of ten siblings and a hardworking single mother, Toni has lots of experience organizing and leading. She began her career in 1972 as a VISTA volunteer and community activist. In addition to her official responsibilities, Toni has an extensive history of community involvement in any community she has lived. Having lived in all directions in America--North, South, East, and West--she has experienced a multidimensional cultural lifestyle that brings depth to her perception that enables her to communicate and advocate on behalf of her projects in any context.

Toni moved to California in 1980 to continue her education. Her academic achievements secured her a Senate Fellowship and a position in the office of the President pro Tempore, David Roberti. Toni's responsibilities included drafting legislation, serving constituents, speech writing, press releases, and legislative advocacy. At all times she represented the office of Senate leader with distinction.

Joining a well respected lobbying firm at the close of the fellowship added yet another dimension to her practical and political knowledge. Toni advanced her career as an advocate for many worthy issues. To name a few, healthcare, public safety, small business issues, animal rights, wind energy/technology, taxation, and insurance.

"I strive on the energy of providing a beneficial service to those I assist. While leading, managing, networking, fundraising, and event planning are complex, always challenging, and involve countless details, no one can astutely argue the importance."